In the summer of 2015, I discovered my friend’s 16-year-old daughter’s YouTube channel. Navigating through this young woman's adolescent lens, I was intrigued by her and her peers' creative impulse to use the medium as a format for expressing everything from the deepest felt emotions to the banal existence of daily teenage turmoil. The question arose; are these young people seeking a connection online that is missing in their real lives?

Concurrently, with the loss of my own mother the previous year, a narrative was brewing in me about a mother/daughter relationship, the idea emerged to marry my journey with these teenagers’ remarkable use of the camera. I pitched the teens the idea of collaborating on a film. I had the seed and they jumped in to help develop the script, using improv-based scenes in lieu of scripted dialogue.

Each one contributed their unique vision and talent. Some constructed their own YouTube videos, directed scenes in the film and were actively involved in the editing and post process over the summer of 2016. It was a priority for me to nurture a collaborative environment with these teens, as well as find a common creative language, as we explored this emotional material together.

Music was another unique component in the development of the film. Wild Colonials is an alternative rock band that was formed in Los Angeles in 1992. The voice of this band underscores the heartbeat of the narrative throughout the film and is key to the plot.